How I work

As a translator with 25 years‘ experience, I am quickly able to assess your text and ask the right questions about how you want it translated or edited. In this process, I work with you to understand your audience (who are you writing for?), your timescale (when does it need to be ready, including revisions?), your budget, and your more personal needs and wishes for the text. You might be looking to publish your academic or policy work in English; you might need a translation of a legal contract; you may want to improve your English website or marketing offer; you may be looking for an outstanding translation of your exhibition catalogue. These are just a few examples of the services I offer. I work fast, but always with attention to detail and an eye to the bigger picture of how your text will come across to its intended audience. My quotes can be based on standard line in the source text, but are ultimately dependent on the amount of time and effort I believe I will need to invest in your project to make it the best it can possibly be. I guarantee confidentiality and non-disclosure for all the data, documents, files, and information you provide. Once you have sent me your text, I will be able to make you a binding offer based on length, complexity and the amount of time I will need to complete it. I will always give you a time and date by which I will be able to complete your project. Once you have accepted this offer in writing (usually email) then it is binding upon both parties unless there are exceptional circumstances (see here for Terms and Conditions).

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